Care Navigators

Step 1: Identification + Referral

Referrals are received by phone (1-888-CARE-080), by email ( or by clicking here.

Homecare Hub is alerted when a new referral is received. A team of highly experienced community Care Navigators review the referral to understand what the patient’s care needs are and how Homecare Hub can assist. Once the referral is reviewed a community Care Navigator will contact the patient and/or family.

Step 2: Assess Patient Goals + Care Needs

The community Care Navigator will connect with the patient and/or family to further discuss the patient’s personal care needs and goals. After gaining an understanding of the barriers the patient is experiencing, the Care Navigator will help identify the appropriate care professionals/services that are needed for the patient.

Step 3: Navigation

After identifying the patient’s needs, the community Care Navigator will work in a timely manner to find suitable services and resources. The pool of services that the community Care Navigator collects will then be reviewed by the patient and/or family, to determine the services they would like to proceed with.

A community Care Navigator will create a plan of care for the patient that personalizes the specified areas of needs, goals and those services that they have selected to receive.

Step 4: Continued Service Evaluation + Follow Up

We want to ensure that patients are satisfied with the services that they are receiving. Our community Care Navigators will routinely check in with patients, to review service efficacy, satisfaction and re-evaluate patient needs for further addition or discontinuation of services.

Our community Care Navigators are here to assist, support and coordinate your care needs in a professional and efficient way. Feel free to reach out to them anytime.

Care Alternatives