Frequently Asked Questions

Patient FAQ

Where do you offer services?
Are any homecare caregivers employed directly by Homecare Hub?
Do we pay and give our credit card immediately upon agency selection?
Why choose Homecare Hub?
How fast can I get the care I need?
Do I have to contact Homecare Hub before using an agency listed on the website?
Do you offer free services?
Can I use more than one agency to meet my care needs?
What are Care Navigators?
Can I sign up and search for care on behalf of a loved one?
Do you offer a free in-home consultation?
Do patients have to pay to use your search directory?
My first language is not English. Are there language options for when selecting a service?
Can I use my insurance coverage to pay for services?
Do you only offer services to older adults?

Agency FAQ

What is the benefit of signing up as an agency with Homecare Hub?
How does Homecare Hub select agencies?
What is Homecare Hub’s role once services begin?
How do agencies keep track of patients and services through Homecare Hub?
Can an agency refuse a patient or service request?
Is there a fee?
Is there a fee for agencies to join or discontinue partnership with Homecare Hub?
Can agencies provide their staff access to Homecare Hub?