Where do you offer services?

Presently we are offering services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada. We will be arriving in several other cities in the US and Canada in the near future. If you are an agency and interested in bringing Homecare Hub to your city please reach out to us at info@homecarehub.com

Do you have any homecare workers work for Homecare Hub?

No. The homecare workers all work for various local agencies that we have carefully screened.

Do we pay and give our credit card immediately upon agency selection?

No. First you must select an agency and they will then complete an assessment. After the assessment has been completed and care has been approved, you will be prompted for payment. Your credit card will be securely encrypted and saved, but you will not pay for services until care is received.​

Why choose Homecare Hub?

• Simple - The most simplified search engine to find and book homecare.
• Quality and Transparent - Agencies are screened and interviewed so that they meet our high quality standards, and are required to provide transparent pricing.
• Find the right care - Compare agencies and select based on continuity, 24 hour service, insurance, background checks, price, and more.
• Risk Free - Book now, meet your agency, pay later.
• Service - We're more than technology, call us to book or for assistance in choosing your homecare agency.

How fast can I get the care I need?

Homecare Hub wants to ensure that you get the care you need when you need it. When requesting an assessment for care from a selected agency, you may identify when you would like to start receiving care. Care services can be initiated same day or within 48hrs, depending on the agency.

Do I have to contact Homecare Hub before using an agency listed on the website?

No. As soon as you sign-up with Homecare Hub, the platform allows you to search and select agencies and services from a directory. Once you have selected the agency of your choice, the next steps will be coordinated with the selected agency. Should you require assistance, guidance or further information do not hesitate to contact Homecare Hub directly or even explore connecting with one of Homecare Hub’s community Care Navigators who can assist you with care and resource navigation.

Do you offer free services?

Homecare Hub wants to ensure that your care needs are met while also ensuring that the services you need meet your budget. Beyond our directory of high-quality care agencies, Homecare Hub displays a Resources page, giving you access to a listing of Community and Support services in and around the GTA. If you are interested in finding out more information about how to access and what free resources and services are available in your region, we welcome you to get started with one of our community Care Navigators!

Can I use more than one agency to meet my care needs?

Yes. Homecare Hub allows you to search and request care from a variety of agencies listed in the directory. Some agencies might have more services than others, and therefore you may request and use multiple agencies for services and care. You can keep track of the agencies and services you are receiving or have used within your patient dashboard.

What are Care Navigators?

Care Navigators are experienced Social Workers who assist patients and families by evaluating needs and goals, personalizing care and coordinating the services and resources. If you would like guidance or assistance with coordinating care for yourself or a loved one, feel free to contact Homecare Hub to get you started with one of our community Care Navigators'.

Can I sign up and search for care on behalf of a loved one?

Yes. Homecare Hub understands that finding high-quality care can be challenging and overwhelming, whether it is for yourself or a loved one. When signing up on the Homecare Hub platform, you will be asked if you are a patient or not – either way you will be able to search and request care for your loved one. You may also add more than one patient or loved one to your profile, that way you can manage and coordinate care for others in your circle.

Do you offer a free in-home consultation?

No. Homecare Hub does not facilitate in-home consultations or assessments in preparedness for care delivery. The high-quality care agency that you select for an assessment request will be in-charge of completing an assessment prior to starting care.

Do patients have to pay to use your search directory?

No. Homecare Hub is a free directory, allowing you to search for the care you need, even prior to signing up. If you are interested in selecting an agency for care, you must sign-up and register to become a Homecare Hub user.

My first language is not English. Are there language options for when selecting a service?

Yes. Homecare Hub allows users to search for care by selecting a language preference as a search filter. Many of our listed high-quality agencies offer services in a variety of languages.

Can I use my insurance coverage to pay for services?

There is a possibility that your insurance company may cover homecare services. However, this is outside Homecare Hubs scope of assistance. We encourage you to call your insurance provider to inquire if home services are covered under your current plan.

Do you only offer services to older adults?

No. Homecare Hub strives to assist with care and support service allocation and coordination for those that need it most in the community. Although many of our patients are older adults, we are here to ensure you receive the appropriate care you need, no matter your age.