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The wellbeing and delivery of care to our senior population has become a growing concern in Canada. Navigating, coordinating and accessing the numerous organizations, agencies and services which construct our complex health care system is an enormous challenge faced by many. Compounding this challenge is the fact that home care is very expensive and many families are unable to afford the required care needed for their loved ones.



The ShareCare Solution

Homecare Hub is implementing an improved model of care that efficiently serves and meets the varying needs of care while promoting social inclusion, diversity and accessibility. This new innovative solution is called ShareCare.

ShareCare is built off of the concept of adult day programs, but is enhanced to better serve community needs. ShareCare matches seniors with complimentary needs in the same neighborhood and assembles them into small groups. Homecare Hub then brings activities, caregiving, and healthcare services to this group in an unused common space (ie: patients house, or community centre) in their neighborhoods rather than expecting patients to travel to services outside of their neighborhoods. These services are provided by a dedicated care team assembled through Homecare Hub’s extensive network of care professionals.




ShareCare is managed and enhanced through Homecare Hub’s easy-to-use technology that allows these ShareCare hubs to be managed seamlessly. Through the ShareCare program, Homecare Hub is making care more accessible, reducing costs for patients, decreasing burden on caregivers, and reducing inappropriate utilization of tertiary services in the community.


Accessible and convenient care

  • We bring the care services you need directly to your community
  • Less time and money spent on traveling to receive care
  • Opportunity to build meaningful relationships within your community

Reduced costs to care

  • Share the cost of services with others in your community/hub

Reduce caregiver burden

  • Gives reassurance to your loved ones that you are safe and properly cared for during the day

High quality home care partnerships

  • Homecare Hub only partners with agencies who demonstrate high quality practices and services
  • You will always receive the highest standard of care possible

Reduce social isolation

  • Engage with others regularly and create meaningful connections and friendships with others in your neighbourhood

Unique program curriculum

  • Every ShareCare hub will provide meaningful, activities and evidence-based programming based on your specific care needs, interests and/or hobbies
  • Homecare Hub has an extensive, growing library of activities and resources to ensure programming is engaging and not repetitive

Complimentary care navigation services

  • Receive community care navigation from our registered Social Workers at no additional cost, at any time



ShareCare Safety Features

With the emerging concerns over COVID-19, seniors are more than ever susceptible to poor quality of care and services. The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the need for innovative solutions to ensure the wellbeing of all seniors.


Consistent and tested Personal Support Workers (PSWs)

Personal Protective Equipment always worn by PSWs (masks, gowns, etc.)​

Heightened cleaning and disinfecting protocols

Small group sizes of 2-5 persons per Hub​ who all follow physical distance guidelines

Continuous safety and testing protocols to ensure safety of participants and caregivers




How to Join ShareCare?

Joining ShareCare is simple – and Homecare Hub is there every step of the way to guide you!


Step 1: Sign-up

Sign-up at homecarehub.com/sharecare or call us at 1-888-CARE-080 to get more information.

Step 2: Intake

You will be asked to fill out a detailed intake form; this form helps us get to know you better and will allow us to navigate your care properly. Intake forms can be completed online or you can call Homecare Hub to help you with the intake process (1-888-CARE-080).

Step 3: Navigation

Homecare Hub will call you within 72 hours of receiving your completed intake form to discuss your eligibility and the potential ShareCare options available to you. Our Care Navigators can also help you and your family find and secure additional services or resources, if needed.

Step 4: Placement 

Once a ShareCare location is secured you will be contacted by Homecare Hub with all the details and information needed to start ShareCare.

Step 5: Follow Up

Our Care Navigators will follow up with you after your first day of services, after your first week of services and then continue with monthly check-ins to ensure satisfaction of care.